As the coots reclaim the river Amstel, the green Heineken banners are packed in and the rain returns we couldn’t be happier. What a weekend. Great races and possibly the highest attendance ever, we would like to thank everybody who took part in making the 45th Heineken a great success. A big thanks to all the rowers, coaches, internationals, umpires, photographers, timekeepers, course builders, volunteers, (ever) raging reporters, video crews, the old-guard, safety personnel, food-carts and of course all spectators.

Pictures from the event can be found here:

Our very own Videocie produced four stunning video reports, subscribe to our channel for more! We’ve had a blast, hope to see you all next year!

The coxswain’s meeting will be held at the Stelle College on the other side of the Amstel. The address is Mr. Treublaan 1-3, Amsterdam. The meeting will be held in Dutch at 6pm and in English at 7pm. It is strongly recommended to thoroughly study the presentation and to be present at the coxswain’s meeting, where possible questions may be asked.

During the meeting there will be a charity event, where one of our VIP’s will be collecting funds for the Alpe d’HuZes event in June. He will be riding the Alpe d’Huez multiple times in a day, to raise money for cancer research. More information about this event can be found at the following link:

The gears are in motion, and have been for some time. As we’ve reconquered the website from the Japanese spammers, the Heineken Roeivierkamp 2017 is on like never before! We did have to change our domain name to, we hope you won’t mind 😉

We are currently working on:

  • Designing our brand new event fashion line
  • Adding massive screens and more food stands to spice up the spectator experience
  • Making this website primarily Dutch, with optional English content!
  • Division revisions to better reflect age and performance
  • Permits, sponsoring, volunteers, all the rest

First version of the timetable is online, be aware it may be updated later; please check again before the event. Trailer coming soon, we’ll see you all the 11th and 12th of March 2017!

Bye for now,
H4K Crew